Ethikos 3.0

The world is changing and with it so is the way to communicate and stay connected.

We hear daily talks about corruption, speculation, lies… And that’s why society is demanding a change towards a way to coexist and behave that is more transparent, more committed and more ethical.

We want to be a part of this change, and what better way to contribute than doing it with what we do best and we love: people management.

This is how Ethikos 3.0 is born: from the hope of believing that a different way to work with people management is possible.

And what is Ethikos 3.0?

First and foremost we are a group of PEOPLE, people with great passion for what we do and eagerness to share all our experience and knowledge in the people management field WITH YOU.

  • We offer recruitment and headhunting services in different languages, both in national and international levels.
  • We work with people and organizations development, designing and delivering training, workshops, coaching programs, mentoring, consulting and cross-cultural sessions to companies and organizations.
  • We act as external advisers in matters related to people management
  • We create talent communities to ensure the continuity of businesses that are in risk of disappearing.
  • We are creative and brave, we want to add real value with our work and we promise to always offer quality, professionalism and honesty.

But… There are many other companies that do the same. So, what makes Ethikos 3.0 a different company?

That our reason to exist is to generate a positive impact in people and the planet through our work, looking for a common success in front of profits maximization.

  • That ethics, respect and sustainability are part of our DNA.
  • That for every project that we carry out, we set aside part of the profit to social, environmental and professional reinsertion projects.
  • That our clients are the ones that decide into which project they want to
  • That we altruistically design and teach workshops to groups in risk of social exclusion, thanks to our clients.
  • That we believe in what we do, we dream big and we deeply believe that we can contribute, along with you, with our two cents to make this world a better place.

Because a little gesture can show a difference

Because all together we can do it

Because the change is not only possible; the change already started

Because you can also be part of it

…Do you join us?

Be yourself, highlight your passions, the only way to find your dream job

The truth is that I have been a long time being totally analytical, understanding what moves inside a person at their job, in their workplace and, do not kid ourselves, at least in part of thir life. I thought about countless of articles, posts, videos, conversations with senior executives, coaches and even with some other self-styled guru (which I could never understand) and I have reached several conclusions:

There is no indefinite dream job

Your goals change with your age; your emotions and experiences are changing and thus should be changing your daily tasks. We set the example of a one year old child: if you only stimulate him with a fishbowl for several days it will come a time that he will let you know his displeasure, in one way or another. It is therefore normal that we need different things at different times.

If you are yourself, you will always be in the right job

I have never met anyone who has not surprised me for some reason. I firmly believe that we all have an area (or several) in which we hide our talent and one way to discover it is to try new things. I will not start talking about the comfort zone and how to get out of it (some of my friends confess that there are more articles about how to get out of the comfort zone than the last heart transpant), but I firmly believe in the importance of curiosity to advance: one way or the other, working and doing whatever it is, but moving forward.

If you are yourself, without masks to please the interviewer, the manager or the new director, you will demonstrate to yourself that you are in the right environment.

Ask yourself which is what comrpomises you with your job

If the answers are stability, fear of the unknown, status or power, you would think about it.

If the answers are illusion, desire to learn and chance to develop your strengths, I am really happy for you. I am sure that as you read this post you feel that inner smile that reminds you that you are where you want to be. Enjoy it!

So remember, as someone said:

“Never be afraid to be yourself. Remember, an original is worth more than a copy.”