Our history and values

Ethikos 3.0 together with The ValueSquares Methodology, were born in 2015 with the vision of integrating ESG criteria into business management.

Meet our founders and discover how we are leading the way towards ethical and sustainable management in the business world.

Ethikos 3.0 Goal
Ethikos 3.0 is born with the aim of changing the world of People Management

In the first place, the founders realized that the innovation of the management of people had many shortcomings in organizational.

As a result, was founded Ethikos. In the same year of his birth, Ethikos became the first organization to get the status of Pending B Corp.                       

Start the challenge
We started working with clients

Then, we work in the areas of consulting, people management, and selection processes. Always bearing in mind our goal of humanizing the process and make the HR department a strategic department.

Our tool
The ValueSquares Methodology

Later, we create The ValueSquares Methodology in collaboration with the University of Barcelona. It is a key methodology to improve the processes of recruitment and talent of the organizations.

The use of the Methodology
Launch of The ValueSquares Methodology

In addition, we add to the tool, a method to determine the potential of people.

Confidence grows in the Methodology

Consequently, many companies began to rely on our methodology by developing talent programs, cultural transitions, strategic choices, etc

New projects with impact

Unfortunately, in our 5th year in a row doubling our turnover we had to live by the global pandemic. In the same period, we give much importance to the impact, and create a new project: I will not leave you behind.

More growth
We work with more than 200 companies

Finally, we grew a 200% by thanking you for the trust the more than 200 companies have joined us in this journey international.

Our values


We create solutions. We act with consistency. We go the extra mile to achieve our goals. We act. We take the initiative. No excuses. We create our future, we have the power to do so.


We take risks. We question the established. We think big. We raise our voices to defend our beliefs. We are ambicios@s. we Exceeded expectations. We are optimistic. We innovate.


We act with love. We generate positive impact on people and society. Each person on the team account, voucher, and provides accountability. What we're looking for extra-ordinary. Save stars and we build cathedrals.


We are autentic@s. we Embrace diversity. We learn every day. Enhance and help to improve. We share our fears and vulnerabilities. We celebrate our successes and joys. We are honest@s.

The founders