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Implementing ESG criteria allows us to create a work environment that values and respects the diversity of our employees.

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Guide to diverse, equitable and inclusive recruitment processes

In this guide you will find a very easy way to write the job description in an inclusive and diverse way. In addition, we've added a self-assessment so you can see how you're doing and how you can improve.

Trans & Non-binary inclusion for the workplace

In this infographic you will find a basic guide to the benefits of being inclusive and diverse and how to generate inclusion in the workplace. It is a guide that everyone should consider when onboarding in any organization.

10 keys to being inclusive in the office

We've called them keys but they should really be commandments. In this infographic you can see different ways to be more inclusive with your co-workers, your manager, your team... How many keys do you have involved in your day to day?

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