We are Crafters

Our philosophy We are Crafters

We emphasize our dedication to strategic craftsmanship in everything we do.

Just as a craftsman takes care of every detail when creating a unique masterpiece, we apply that same attention and passion to consulting, selection and development of people for your organization.

Our commitment: Crafting People Strategies for Impact-Driven Organizations is not just a slogan, it is our essence. "Crafting" means designing and building with care, reflecting the meticulous attention we devote to each strategy for the organizational environment.

Meet some of our Crafted Team Members

Meet our artisan strategists, dedicated to people management:


Germán Cuenca

CEO Ethikos

Anna Gascón

Managing Director Ethikos

Innovation & Commitment

We are innovators, constantly exploring new ways to empower teams. Our commitment is not limited to people management; we aspire to leave a transformative legacy in the business world.

Through creativity and expertise, we contribute to building strong teams and the sustainable success of organizations with a vision of positive impact. At Ethikos, we don't just manage people; we create an inspiring future.

From the beginning, we've dedicated every step of our journey to creating services that reflect our values.

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