Animal-Assisted Intervention

Improve mental health, foster effective leadership and strengthen collaboration in your team through our innovative animal-assisted intervention sessions in the workplace.

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Welcome to wellness at work!

At Ethikos, we believe that employee well-being is fundamental to organizational success. Our unique approach combines Animal-Assisted Intervention with proven strategies to strengthen mental health, promote positive leadership and foster strong team collaboration.

The objective of the program will be to work, design and implement in your organization actions in your organization that will favor and generate the following benefits of animal-assisted interventions in the business environment, since it has been demonstrated that their strategic inclusion can radically transform the work environment and productivity of organizations.

From reducing burnout to improving creativity, our programs have a real impact on employee well-being and performance.

Reduced stress and improved well-being

Interacting with animals can release hormones such as oxytocin, which is related to stress reduction and mood enhancement.

Improved work environment

The presence of animals creates a more relaxed work environment. This contributes to a positive organizational culture and fosters communication.

Increased productivity

Workers who have access to animal-assisted therapy may experience increased productivity and concentration.

Improved social skills

This can be especially beneficial in environments where constant interaction with co-workers, customers or the general public is required.

Reduction of absenteeism

Improving emotional well-being and reducing stress can have a positive impact on the overall health of employees.

Improved teamwork

Participar en actividades con animales fomenta el trabajo en equipo y la colaboración ya que, requieren coordinación y comunicación, lo que fortalece las relaciones.

Diversity and inclusion

The presence of animals in the workplace creates an inclusive and diverse environment, as it is beneficial for employees with different needs and preferences.

Strengthening leadership

Through interactive exercises with animals, leaders learn to communicate clearly, make effective decisions and motivate their peers.

*All interventions are tailored to the actual needs of each organization.

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69% of line managers say they support wellness is a fundamental skill, but only 13% have received mental health support.

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60% of employees experience mental health problems due to work. More than 1 in 5 have also missed work to avoid job stress, and 42% have even considered quitting.

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